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Sandra's Story

  Sandra has been training

with me for over 3 years now. She has overcome many obstacles and continues to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle at 73yrs old! Watch and be inspired by her dedication!


 A single mom with 3 kids, Christina still makes it happen! Watch her story and be inspired by her commitment to her health. Not only for herself, but for her family.

Hi Tim - I wanted to drop you a quick note. I feel amazing after I work out with you on many levels and it has only been a couple weeks - I feel stronger, stand up straighter, have less pain and my flexibility is improving. It used to be painful and restrictive to turn and look behind me just to back up my truck. This evening I easily did it without pain which seems basic but is earth shattering for me. I'm a believer in your program. I'm
running finances to see if we can do it 5 days a week for a bit. Not sure if you can add me temporarily to your Monday and Tuesdays but wanted to put the thought in your head. I was at rock bottom and I'm finally seeing a way out back to my old self. Kudos to you and your program.


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